Sunday, 10 April 2016

food and drinks and more drinks

There have been a  slew of new restaurants and bars mushrooming all over the island in the last few years.  Each one trying to outdo the other in decor and originality.... the current trend is cocktail bars which brand themselves as speakeasy's , that give off the old 1920'a vibe in the US.  We also have the industrial chic and the mismatched chairs for the 'retro' feel for all the hipsters out there. pretentiousness galore.

patatas bravas

cheese, cod and in the back paella

Singapore has always been an expensive city to have a drink in, alcohol is just very expensive.  we pay heaps of taxes to import that vice, it however, hasn't stopped people drinking.
With these new cocktail bars and restaurants out there, its become even more expensive to have a night out.   We have attracted some of the European chefs and yes even some that have had Michelin stars, which all add up to restaurants and bars charging the earth for their wares.....its no wonder we have the dubious accolade of being the most expensive city to live in... (see here for the report)

I cant afford to go out every weekend for dinner or drinks but once in a while I do, as the competition among the restaurants is pretty stiff and sometimes you can find specials that will attract the bargain hunter.

 Brunch and the free flow of alcohol is always a draw although I end up drinking too much and suffer the next day

creme catalan and an amazing choc dessert
My friends and I tried out a restaurant called FOC, which was opened by a Spanish Chef, Nandu Jubany.  One wonders if he actually ever turned up at the restaurant after opening it... but the name is there and I am sure so is his legacy and food.  No complaints on the food, everything I put into my mouth was something to savour and enjoy.  The company was good, the food was good and so was the free flow of cava..... If only i could remember to not drink so much, I am sure I would have enjoyed myself a bit more..

But then we drink to forget and perhaps later when in bed with the room spinning we drunk text the ex... Methinks I need to stop drinking to the point where I want to drunk text A.. life will be so much easier...


  1. Food looks awesome, I know eating out is bloody expensive. We cook very well at home and am brassed off when I go out and the food isn't as good as mine x

    1. Absolutely! That's why I won't go out to eat North Indian food.....