Sunday, 17 April 2016

My boobs are upset with me

My home has always been my sanctuary, where I can be myself, where I can come home after work and relax.  Where I can roam underwear free..

I recently let my sons friend move into the spare room for a few months.  This young man just got divorced and didn't have anywhere to go... So he's here until the end of July.

I figured that it would be improper for me to wander around braless in my tank top and pyjama shorts  with this young man around.   its been an adjustment,
If my boobs weren't attached to me, they would have moved out in a huff...
I am bound and feel all constricted and quite uncomfortable. When I know he isn't around, I let the girls roam free and I feel like singing... Then when he's back, the poor girls are stuffed into the confines of those cups and I swear I can hear them grumbling...

Its been only 2 weeks and I have not got used to having to wear underwear, lets hope it gets better...


  1. Take a leaf out of your little sister's book! My titties will not be subjected to being bound or hung in sacks whilst I'm in my own home.
    They enjoy laying on my belly and thats where they will stay : )
    Free em up and enjoy!

  2. I wouldn't want mine to roam free in front of company either x