Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Loveless liaisons

So....I have been with A for awhile now and we have stopped and started our arrangement from Nov of  2009.

My reasoning for going back and resurrecting the arrangement a dozen times, was that I didn't want to be without him, no matter how little he gave back.  I was happy with any smidgen of attention he threw my way.

He set rules on what we could and couldn't do and I was not allowed a goodbye kiss after an assignation.
No involvement, no meeting for anything else except to fulfil our mutual need for sex (which isn't just sex but a meeting of trust, solace, mutually beneficial pleasing of each other.....and alot of other crap I let myself believe)

I compromised on what I wanted, which was a full relationship with him, just to have that tiny piece that he gave. doormat actually.  That is what I have been.

I recently told him no more (again) as he started to lay more rules, that we couldn't meet at my place as my son would know he had been (as the smell of his cigarettes would linger and son would know he had visited) and he didn't want to get involved....

Side track a bit here......
it was quite hilarious once, I usually plan our assignations when Son isn't home and I know he wont be back till late, well Son came home as we were sitting on the sofa after sex, watching TV and chatting.  You know those Mastercard ads.....well A's face was quite priceless when Son came home and saw him......  We've been 'caught' only once.....

after a bit of back and forth with him, he throws in a question
"Do I think the sparkle is lost a bit?"  he thinks maybe it has.....

So its no more, I want a relationship with a man who wants to be with me, someone who isn't afraid to love me.  (sounds like an echo ......I have written about this soooooo maaannnnyyyy times)
I dont blame him though, its me that thought I could make him love me.  Maybe he would want a relationship with me, maybe he would love me enough to want to try some compromises of his own.....Yes he has said " it's me not you"  a dozen times....
Yes I want to kick me too..

I did see what a relationship could be like with P, but he smothered me a little and I retreated pretty quickly. So its trying to find a balance, its looking for someone to have an adult relationship with,  not as A put it, a complication.

Am I done with our loveless liaisons...I sure hope so.  I give my friends permission to bitch slap me into tomorrow if I go back to it.


  1. Clearly A wants his cake and to eat it to. Good bye A, you my friend deserve better x