Sunday, 14 February 2016

where do I go now

Now that I am single and free and determined to put A out of my mind, I dont know where to start.

Do I embrace another round of dating online?  lets face it, at 53 I am not exactly a great catch for the older men, who want to date women 20 years their junior.  Do I go younger.....A was 4 years younger, P a year younger.... see the trend....
Reading all the online dating advice for older women, which is really telling us that there isnt much out there for us to date, and to make it more challenging, I am a minority in my own country and I dont get on with most of the Asian men here....
Its a wonder I havent crawled into a hole and put out a white flag in front of my cave and surrender to a life of loneliness......heck I might as well just go get a dozen cats and let my greys show and dress like a hobo.

There are days when I have felt  that love has passed me by and I will never find someone to love me back,   But I am a romantic,  deep down, past all the cynical demeanour, I still think I will find someone.   I have a full life, but its a little empty, if that makes sense, and I want to share things with a special someone.  There are moments in life where you want to turn to a significant other and share a joke, a silly encounter or just a knowing look.

So its wait and see for a bit....and maybe when I am feeling a little more positive, I may drift into the murky depths of online dating.. who knows.  Its a bit scary and I am totally unsure where I am going to end up, but I know I dont want to be alone, so perhaps one step at a time, slowly, into a new era of finding the one...

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  1. Sometimes the unexpected happens when we least expect it. I'd join some clubs such as card, walking, single or ones that are of an interest to you xxx