Friday, 1 January 2016

the year of endless possibilities

2015 was supposed to be my year of endless possibilities... and in a way it was.

I changed jobs, went back to  my old employer and am actually wondering if I did the right thing... well only time will tell but one thing I know I did right was to walk away from a job that was getting me down because of the bitterness and bullshit in the atmosphere.

I finally was honest with myself about my feelings for A and what I wanted from a man.  Its baby steps for now and I am learning about circumventing this whole 'non' relationship thing. I have no idea where it will go with A but I am determined to try.  Enough of hiding away and waiting for something to happen.

I made it to a live motogp race in Malaysia, which I did by myself.  It was exhilarating, scary but great fun, and I made a new friend there.

My Resolutions for 2015 were not quite resolutions,  but I promised myself the following:

Blog more
Take more time off to take pictures
And be as honest as I can be.....

I think I did achieve some of them... How does one measure the achievability ( is that even a word)  of a resolution anyway?  its not like a KPI or anything....

So all in all not a bad year..actually quite a good year...

so what are my resolutions for 2016...... No procrastinating....

Its going to be an interesting and exciting year as I have a wedding to attend... son no 1 will be getting married in Canada in August and the family is gearing up for a couple of weeks in Canada to witness the joyous occasion. I am going to be a mother in law!

I am also determined to go to Sepang again to watch Valentino Rossi attempt to win his 10th championship.
I intend to use my Fridays off fruitfully and not just make it about cleaning the flat and cooking.

I foresee a few bittersweet moments in 2016 as well, P has found a new Girlfriend.  I want him to be happy, to find someone that will make him happy and love him as he is the sweetest man I know, I just hope his new girlfriend is secure enough to allow me to spend time with him.

And as for never being kissed when the clock strikes 12 on New Years eve.... well I guess I have to work on that too... another resolution perhaps?

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  1. nooooooo!!!! i like P too :( well well, hopefully his new girlfriend is as sweet as our puteh :)