Wednesday, 26 March 2014

the long and short of it

As a Sikh  girl growing up I was not allowed to cut my hair.  While the parents were not uber religious they still conformed to the norm of the Sikh religion that we do not cut our hair.
me at 1

that's me on the left nxt to sis on her bday
with a big fat plait.  notice the 60's buns on the ladies
My father however, cut his hair when he went to India to do his flying, which of course pissed his parents off.  Mum kept her hair long in the early days of marriage and insisted on her children following suit........until my younger sister had her hair cut when she was a toddler as combing her hair was torture for both Mum and her.  Then when baby brother was born, the parents fucking cut his hair too!

me on the right in red, 70's
 when I had my asthma attacks,
check out the braids/plaits
So there we were the two oldest of the siblings with long plaits, while our two younger siblings had short manageable hair.  My hair grew long and thick and I could at one time actually sit on my hair.  I had to plait it every morning before school and when I turned 13, my hair was so heavy and thick that I begged Mum to let me cut it.  She finally relented and my older sister and I could cut our hair, but the length had to be down to the middle of our backs......

When I eloped with the ex, (I was 17) he got me to cut my hair short,
80's haircut! with my babies
as that would make it harder for the parents to find me I guess.....and I kept it short until I divorced him.  From then till now I had it at various lengths, keeping it boy short for 10 years as well.  My sons hated that haircut, for years they told me I looked like a lesbian butch out for revenge on men.....perhaps that was the look I was going for....... and I was hit on by many women while I was in my short hair phase.  I grew my hair out after 2007, when I started seriously looking for a man..........another Epiphany!

haircut  2007
Since then my hair has been at varying lengths but never have I gone back to the short boy cut.  This last two years I have had it long, and frankly  I am quite useless at doing anything fancy with my hair or putting it up elegantly, I just look messy and unkempt.  Lustrous hair is wasted on me.  I don't like spending time on my hair, or going to the hairdressers to have anything done, and I last cut my hair at the end of June last year!

I finally chopped it off on Saturday, not boy short but short and
from 2012 
bouncy enough to put a spring in my step and have everyone tell me I look fresh and younger....not that I want to look younger but it doesn't hurt the ego to have young men look at me and smile and tell me that I look nice with the new haircut, and after A bashed/minced/trampled/chewed and spat out my heart, it feels good.....

I tried to put up  pics from all decades, what is missing is the 90's but the hair was short like the 80's.  Whats also missing is the pic of me and the new haircut.

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