Monday, 17 March 2014

eating crow for the week

I always thought that once an old rocker hits a certain age they should just retire.  Like Ozzy Osborne, Paul McCartney (not a rocker but you get the drift).  Once they hit a certain age, the voice falters, the energy wanes and they look quite pathetic on stage.  Its heart wrenching to watch them when they cant sing anymore.

Last year I watched one of my heroes on stage - Robert Plant and I was quite relieved that he could still sing live, he may not have the full strong voice anymore but it was still there, and so was his charisma on stage.

The Rolling Stones are on their Asia leg of their world tour and tickets got snapped up in 2 hours!  The tickets were also overpriced but that is what one pays to watch rock royalty.  I wasn't too disappointed as I thought the concert would be a dud anyway, they are too old and even though I worshiped them, I didn't think they would be as good.....blah blah blah....... sour grapes........

they came out to say hi
Well the venue where the Stones were performing decided to hold a mini rock festival, inviting local bands to play in an open event plaza and open it up to the public for free.  Yes that's right, free!  and they were having a large screen and would beam the Stones concert out to the locals who couldn't afford the tickets, all for free as well.
I wanted to watch a couple of the old local rock bands that were performing but wasn't that keen to stay to watch the Stones........ well I ended up staying, and am now eating crow as Mick blew my mind!
Forget the fact that the faces are creased ( I applaud them though as no botox or surgery!!) and Keith seems to have a pot belly, their energy especially Mick's would put some younger rockers to shame.  That man oozes charisma out of every pore in his body, that pout, the moves ( like only Jagger can do) haven't slowed or changed since he started this rock thing.  The man is 70 for fucks sake!

So this week I shall humbly eat crow and admit I was oh so wrong about the Stones!


  1. I know it's brilliant when they still surprise you, they work very hard at staying fit, shame though that due to Mick's partners life ending the concerts are now postponed. Yes the prices for tickets are ludicrous. Rae xxx

    1. Yes its a shame they cancelled but he would be devastated that shes gone. poor Mick!