Sunday, 10 November 2013

vanity thy name is woman

Would you go under the knife for vanity's sake?
I never thought I would.
Well technically I am not going under the knife or even injecting poison into my face to get that surprised and frozen expression but I am going to laser some things off my face and neck.

I have a few spots on my face/neck  and there's this one big spot under my eye and it looks like a tear and frankly I don't want those spots ( they have been diagnosed as Seborrheic Warts ) and its all part of ageing and those fucking spots and skin tags bother me.  They tell me that I am getting old, they tell me that I am vain no matter what I said decades ago about ageing gracefully!

So I went to see the skin doctor, who told me I could laser them off but they would return, to which I replied, well than I will be back to see you as long as I can afford it!  I couldnt use any insurance for the costs as it was a cosmetic procedure................which is when it hit me,
Jeez...... I was doing something cosmetic!  I was altering my appearance (well parts of the appearance) to make myself look better.  Part of me hates that I have been found out as a liar ( I wanted to age gracefully and embrace getting dying of hair, no doing anything to keep ageing away....said by a 20 year old me!!)  and a vain liar at that.  but part of me (that voice in my head named Simone, my alter ego) says that its actually a clean up of the appearance rather than an alteration, which makes me feel better.

So Monday afternoon I will be lying in the doctors office having a few bits of me lasered off.  Will I post pictures (NO, too vain for that) but I will probably moan about the pain and if it leaves scars will just die and hide away forever!! ( drama queen Simone's voice)


  1. My vote is if it makes you feel better go for it. Good luck, ps: It will hurt a bit take some pain medication before you go, but then I am a big baby. xxx

    1. I went in early to get some numbing cream put on, was a bit painful, but now that the effect of the cream has worn off, am in pain!! Oh the things we do for vanity!

  2. Never say never, right? Because that's an awfully long time:)

    I am all for cosmetic maintenance, and that's what you're doing, upkeep!! Actually, I have no problem with any sort of cosmetic surgery so long as it's safe and the person undergoing the procedure recognizes it may fix whatever body part bothers them, but it won't fix life. If you are comfortable with yourself, but there's something that really bothers you and you can change it, then I say go for it.