Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The interview

So I went for an interview yesterday.
I think I applied for at least 20 jobs minimum and only two replied with a rejection but thank you for applying email.  I looked at a few options in different industries doing admin work but somehow the only people who wanted to meet with me was another event company.

I went for the interview with mixed feelings, I knew I had to find a job, but did I want to go back to working in events.  It was just an interview I thought, go and see how things turn out I thought.
Once I was in there talking about what I have achieved professionally, I realized I did miss it, I did want to go back into the events industry, it was foolish to think I could ever leave it!

As for my dream of the motel or b&b, well that will have to wait till the twin is ready to work with me......

Oh did I mention I got the job.......