Sunday, 17 November 2013

its been an interesting week...

This last week has been quite interesting

It started off with me being quite active on the dating website and it has given me a few good options and a few strange ones.  The scammers, or as I like to call them , the assholes with nothing better to do except try to delude middle aged women, are still ever present.  They bombard you with emails of how wonderful they are and how they will make your (or me in this case) life so much better by loving you to death in a stranglehold of love.
With my cynical and jaded outlook at life and love, I tend to stay away from men that declare their love for me after reading 10 lines on my profile.  Seriously!! Do women fall for that?  Seems that some do, and I learnt recently that men too fall for young exotic women on line.  Dont ask me why I never thought that men too get learn something new everyday.

But like I said, there have been the good ones too and I had one such date last Sunday afternoon.  We met for ice cream (I already knew I would like him when he suggested an ice cream date!) and spent 3 hours talking about everything.  It was a very nice and interesting date, I haven't had one of those since A's and Mr NZ's  first dates, which was like in 2007!  But  to be fair,  I was involved with one than the other since.

Having had my Cosmetic maintenance (thank you Vesta for coining the term)  done on Monday didn't stop me going out  even if I did have bits of scab on my face and neck.   I first met Mr NZ for a late breakfast on Tuesday for a nice chat and catch up session, with some flirting.  Yesterday I met Ice cream man for date no 2, lunch at a local restaurant and that too went well enough to stretch it to tea and cake.    I was hoping the scabs would have fallen off by now, but they still clung stubbornly to my face but I thought lets see if it frightens him off.  He did not run screaming.   Date no 3 with Ice cream man will be tonight.

And  as for my new job, I start in January so have 6 weeks to still enjoy my 'freedom' before I knuckle down and put nose to grindstone.

so its been a fairly interesting and exciting week.......... now all I need is to keep having positive thoughts and not feel as if I am cheating on A........



  1. I am glad to hear it is working out for you, I hope by the next date the scabs will be gone, we could do with some photos though. xxx

    1. Scabs are taking longer to fall off, doc said 5 days but they are still there. no no no pictures!

  2. When do we get the date 3 update? :)