Saturday, 24 February 2018

winter wonderland

So i got my first taste of what its like living in wintery conditions..

If adequately dressed its fine but when you have boots that arent made for icy roads it can be hazardous.. slippery and scary as I found out..

While son lay in a hospital in Vancouver post op, his wife and I were in a hotel close by and we would visit with him each day, getting to him early in the morning and going back to the hotel after 9pm.  and its been cold, -5 cold with snow flurries.. its really no fun walking in that kind of weather.

its not easy for me breathing in the cold air, its like the air supply suddenly slows down and you have to take deep gulping breaths just to get a smidgen of oxygen into the lungs.
on Vancouver Island.

but the snow is pretty, it makes everything look so calm and peaceful and when its falling its just magical. 
I know it disrupts everything, roads get wet and icy and its hard to walk on the snow without falling over and getting hurt for some but its just simply beautiful, for someone like me who lives in 30 degree weather all year round, winter has been quite simply beautiful.

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