Saturday, 24 February 2018

recuperating needs nourishment

While son no 1 was in hospital, he had to rely on eating what the hospital fed him..

Eggs and muffin for breakfast.. 
roast beef..... dried tasteless.. I tried it..
I figured that there must be some nutritionist somewhere deep in the bowels of the hospital that worked with the kitchens to prepare something resembling good decent nourishing food for the patients.

beef stew.. 

Unfortunately it wasn't so.
The nurses and staff at the hospital were wonderful, the care he received was brilliant but . the food, oh my the food

turkey meatloaf - not too bad pity about
the frozen veg
We feed our souls, we feed our bodies the right nourishment to get better.  I have always believed in that, the food we put into our bodies has to be fresh and cooked well.  I could not fathom the chefs on TV extolling the benefits of buy fresh and cook fresh, I thought that was what people already did, why was it such a 'new' thing to do, we had been doing it for ages.   then I came to North America and saw how people ate here.  Its scary.

Whats worse is that they feed that food to patients trying to get better in hospital.  It doesn't make people feel better.  One look at the food only made one feel worse.. much worse.

hard boiled egg... with shell.. how does a patient who has had surgery 
and cant use an arm, crack open that egg..

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