Thursday, 8 February 2018


I arrived in Canada last night, tired, jetlagged but happy to be with son no 1 and my daughter in law.
why do i have to call her daughter in law.. cant I just say my son just gave me the daughter i never had..but then that would be weird as my daughter technically cant marry my son... my head hurts..

well anyway, after delays on the ground in Singapore, there had been an incident on one of the runways, the airshow is being held in Singapore and one of the aircraft crashed on the airport runway which led to flight delays. I hope the pilot of that plane is ok

I was supposed to be airborne and on the way to Taipei where I would get my connecting flight to Vancouver by 3.45pm, but because of the delays, we only took off at 6.45pm which is a 3 hour delay....
which meant that I could miss my connecting flight out of Taipei.

so before we landed in Taipei, I spoke to the cabin crew and they put me up front in business class, for just the landing,  no i didnt get to stay in business class all the way, so I could be one of the first to get off the plane and try to run to catch my connecting flight.
I made it to the connecting flight on time, but was worried about my bags..... I did not want to end up with no bags..

In Vancouver, much to my relief, my bags were on the belt for me to take to domestic for my last transfer but there was another flight delay on the last leg of the journey... a 30 min delay to take a 13 min flight from Vancouver to Nanaimo..

all in too many delays, 24 hours of traveling, but finally arriving in Nanaimo.

Son goes in for surgery next week...

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