Saturday, 27 May 2017

It’s the simple things

I usually do not believe in presents for Mother day or valentines day or even birthdays.

I don’t think there should be one day to value the person who gave birth to you, or loves you.
However, sometimes some people need a small push in the right direction of showing appreciation to the woman that carried you and squeezed you out of her body.
So about a week before mothers day ( when I was ordering my mother some flowers) I sent son no 2 a link to a florist, if he was so inclined to get me flowers…

the lovely flowers I got
He did get me flowers, a lovely bouquet, there were lilies though, I hate lilies, but I was thrilled to bits that he actually took the hint.. and he made a reservation at a gluten free restaurant for brunch and included my sisters in his invite.

What a sweet boy…..

However those things don’t matter, what  thrilled me even more and warmed all corners of my heart  and toes was when he used the lactose free milk in the fridge (I am lactose intolerant)  and realised there was a little left in the packet, he actually got one more from the cupboard and put it in the fridge (I hate warm milk in my cereal)
He even has been washing his dishes…

It’s the small things, it’s the simple things that matter..

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