Wednesday, 9 December 2015

official bottle washer

Its been about 10 days now, living in London and looking after my sister, and its been an extremely relaxing time for me.

My sister is 3 years younger than me and she refrains from talking back or complaining about my lack of domesticity in her home, even though I know its killing her that I find a few bits of dust...normal.

 If there was a domestic goddess, my sister would be it...she loves to decorate her home, change things for Christmas and add that flourish to a well kept home... I am quite the opposite.
Dust bunnies rolling around the floor like the beginning of a bad western with tumble weeds, don't bother me, but they drive her mad.... I can live in a home and ignore the fact that the table doesn't line up with the side chairs or stools.  My poor sister cant deal with that, she grits her teeth and lies on the bed and cant move.... so I take pity on her and try to straighten out her home as much as I can...
I do however tell her, to point out things to me as I am totally oblivious... well not totally but I just have a total lack of bother if they don't align.

the little tree
Her partner and I put up the tree for her, and yes she did tell us which side needed more trinkets/ornaments but she was the epitome of patience while we stuck things on the tree....

She has another 3 months of no weight bearing on her foot, to allow it to heal properly, She will however be able to wear a boot cast, in 5
sunset from the balcony
weeks time which will make her a little more mobile.

I go back to work in January, a sort of new job that I started in November and back to reality but for now till the end of December, I am going to relax and cook and feed my sister and watch daytime British TV and occasionally go take pictures....


  1. oh mine! i miss you dearly puteh! and I love this post of yours coz i can imagine how frustrated your sister must be!!! (esp. about the alignment).

    Merry Christmas and see you in 2016 ya?

    XOXO, Q

    1. miss u too..enjoy europe and be careful, see u in 2016