Tuesday, 1 December 2015

i miss my cats..

Its been awhile since I have had to share my space with animals...unless I count son no 2 as an animal.. hmm


A few weeks ago, I was watching Conan O'Brien and in his opening monologue, he happened to mention that cats were dicks, and he was right.  All those cat videos showing cats knocking things off shelves, smacking dogs and running off and just doing stupid things, well for non cat owners, know this, its all true.  there is no need to edit any videos to try to show up cats, because its all true.
Smeagol - ate the chair

William - the good boy
When my cats died, I swore I would not get any more pets as you fall in love with these pets then they die or in my case they get sick and I had to make the decision to put them down.  I do miss my cats even if they were dicks.

As I am in London now with my sister, I will be sharing space with 2 delightful cats.  William is older, hes probably about 16 years old and Smeagol is about 2 years old and is an extremely mischievous little... dick

watching the squirrels

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