Friday, 9 October 2015

me myself and I.... and simone

Simone:  You are fucking crazy and you bloody know it

Me: why!! why am I crazy?

Simone: Because he will hurt you again and again and agian

Me: I know that...of course I bloody know that

Simone:  Then why, why do you want him back?

Me:  Sometimes you give me too much credit..... like you think I have a fucking clue...

Simone:  Which is why I think you are crazy

Me:  thats not the same, me being crazy has nothing to do with  having a clue or not

Simone:  You are crazy, You let P get away

Me: No I am not crazy, P wants the passion and I cant give him that while I am still crazy about A

Simone:  see I told you, you were crazy

Me: Oh for fucks sake

thats how the conversations go in my head.....
** simone is the voice in my head**


  1. I LOVE that you named the voice in your head, that is awesome. I should do that. Gladys comes to mind.

    1. it was either name the voice or go for therapy.. Gladys is a nice name