Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Best thing I ever did

I was up early on saturday for my 40 min flight to Kuala Lumpur and  I noticed several people sporting tshirts that told me they too were on their way to Sepang to watch the race.

Once we landed at Kuala Lumpur I overheard a man asking for directions to the shuttle buses that took people to the race circuit,and later on I met the same man down by the exits and I struck up a conversation with him.  Luca, the Italian worked and lived in Singapore and this was his first visit to the Sepang Race circuit, just like me....

So Luca and I hung out together during the weekend.  I realised I should have taken a picture with him but oh well....

Nothing describes the noise of the engines as they go roaring past the stands, you can feel it in your bones and the noise stays in your head long after you have left the circuit.

the stands were overcrowded, as this race was
Vale waving to his fans at the Rossi Grandstand
promising to be a cracker as Valentino Rossi had started a verbal war with Marc Marquez which  translated to dog fights on the track ..... it did however push Vale to make a mistake in judgement and Marquez crashed out of the race because of it.  exciting and controversial...

As an event organiser I couldnt stop myself looking around to see  how things could have been done better....and man I was gritting my teeth at the obvious lack of organisation.... the shuttle buses location, the pick up points, the lack of manpower to direct human traffic, the total disregard to human safety, fire regulations and the overcrowding of stands and busses, the lack of water and food at the stalls..... I could go on. But somehow all of that didnt spoil my mood and even when I was being shoved in front of the shuttle bus as the crowd surged to try and get on it....I still didnt lose my cool but calmly moved out of the crowd and walked to the other point where I knew my bus would be.  Even when I realised I was in the wrong line (it was the line to buy tickets for the return shuttles) I still didnt get impatient at the lack of signs or that I had lost 10 minutes in the wrong queue...

as a life expereince, it ranks up there as one of the top three things I have ever done, the first two
Valentino Rossi
being having my two babies... and I am already looking forward to next year...


  1. Yeah, this is fascinating. My life is not exciting so's fun to read stuff like this.

    1. intend to do more, although my mother called it "getting up to mischief"

  2. What a great experience for you. So glad you went, the noise would hurt my ears xxx

    1. Thank you Rae. Noise wasn't so bad at that grandstand, next year I want to try the main grandstand, where the noise will be worse....earplugs.