Tuesday, 20 October 2015

excited...4 sleeps to go

so the Motogp has been building up to be one cracker of a season.

Valentino Rossi, 9 times champion and at 36 years old is the old man on the track, has been at the top of the championship points table for some time now.... and with 2 races left to go, his closest rival is 11 points behind him.

Excerpt from the Motogp website -

Mathematically Rossi could claim the title in Malaysia if he is third or higher and Lorenzo is unable to score. Even if this scenario does not occur, Rossi can finish second in the remaining two rounds and still secure his tenth world title.

The next race is at Sepang, Malaysia, and I am finally going to be at the circuit to watch a race, live.
I usually like to watch the race on TV as you get the whole view of the race not just when they go whizzing past your seat.  I probably wont get to see all the action as the Sepang track doesnt have enough large screens for spectators to watch the whole race but its the atmosphere and the noise and just being physically there.

As usual I like to plan things.....so I start stressing about location, hotel, getting there, exits and taxi ranks and food and everything under the sun....must be the event planner in me. I have poured over the map of the circuit several times over the last few days, getting my bearings....The fact that I am going there alone and doing this on my own has got everyone worried,  and people, it is not helping me when you keep asking me if I will be safe and will I get unwanted attention from strange men.....
I have travelled alone and I have lived in Malaysia and I do  beleive that I am observant and aware enough of my surroundings to anticipate any trouble.  of course Murphy can rear his ugly head and  "what can go wrong will go wrong" will be top most in my head, and that should keep me on my toes.

I am excited...I just cant fucking wait to get on the plane on Saturday morning and spend my weekend with like minded people to watch the MotoGP live and feel the noise of the machines reverberate right through me...

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