Friday, 13 March 2015

people are not as nice as they make out to be

So in the past few days I have been told to stop caring too much, by at least 5 people.

and a cousin told me, almost two years ago that  I had too much time on my hands which is why I liked to interfere in other peoples lives....

Over the past week I have had to stop myself from getting involved in the office and in some family matters and it has got me thinking.......

Am I interfering?  Do I have this massive desire to get involved in peoples lives?
navel gazing?
So I did a little navel gazing

When people come to me with a problem, I naturally seek a solution.  I figure that they tell me stuff as they must want a solution.... right?

I also have a sense of fairness that fucking  kills me.....I am always on the underdogs side ( unless it happens to be sport then all bets are off ).
When I feel that an injustice has occurred I will speak up and defend that person even if that person hasn't asked me to speak up for them.  I make it my mission in life to right the always find the right way to be.

we think we do good for others....

If you hurt someone I love, I will defend them.  If you hurt someone who is vulnerable, I will defend them.
If I know that someone is being taken for a ride, I want to shake that person and tell them to wake up and see that the world is not a nice place.

I end up being let down by people I want to and have helped.  I take it personally when they fuck up.
I end up being labelled feisty and opinionated when I stand up for people....which to me is not a bad thing but sometimes I do think that I care too much what happens to everyone around me.  I want to fix things for everyone.

I know I have to stop as I get really upset and cant sleep when things don't get fixed.  I want people to be honest, good and not have an ulterior motive because that is what I aspire to be.

If only everyone could be nicer.........


  1. If everyone could be nicer which they should we wouldn't have any wars. Keep being you and hold that head up high xxxxx

  2. Damns, i think my previous comment is deleted.. grr..

    Anyway, I was saying, if you didn't stand up for the little intern donkey years back, I will not be able to survive my internship. So do know in your heart that you had and still continue to make a difference in my life. I love you!!!

    From your slightly racist friend, Q (the IT geek too)