Friday, 6 March 2015

another epiphany in the shower

I seem to have all my life realisations in the morning when I am shampooing my hair.

I wonder if its because I am cleansing, that my mind seems to clear itself of the cobwebs and somehow the sun shines into the brain and presents answers to all the shadowy questions lurking in the corners of my mind...

Or is it that I have had a good nights sleep and can actually think clearly in the morning and by the time I am in the shower, the mind has had that shot of caffeine,  I am alert.

All I know is that I see clearly in the morning and when I think about the problems that seemed impossible the night before, somehow it seems to have solved itself....its no wonder the oldies used to say that everything will look better in the bloody really does.

I have been struggling with juggling work, spending time with loved ones and trying to have a life.  I have been trying to cook up a storm each weekend to feed my baby but I know he doesn't want me to get exhausted for him yet I feel guilty if I didn't!

This guilt is something we place on ourselves because someone, somewhere in our past thought we weren't good enough so we end up going the extra mile to please everyone........but no one wanted to be pleased in the first place.

well that was my epiphany.....I was trying to do too much for everyone else without asking them if they really wanted it....

Its amazing what  a good nights sleep and a good shampoo can do!

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