Monday, 9 February 2015

things we do for our children..

Son no 2 still stays with me rent free and people I talk to are divided on whether he should or should not pay rent to his mother.

He earns a fairly good income, he doesn't contribute any money to grocery bills, or electricity or the cable bill or anything.

I wash his clothes and do the cooking and grocery shopping and clean the home. there are no expectations on his part for me to clean his room, but I sometimes the smells coming from his room can be quite strange.....and when I run out of spoons and forks and cereal bowls I have to venture into the dark abyss that is his room to rescue said cutlery and bowls and sometimes tupperware.

furry sandwich anyone?
After finding this tupperware with a sandwich that probably could have walked away, in his room, I am now determined to charge rent and a hazard fee........

I do know I am not doing him any favours by not giving him some responsibility for the home we share.
Perhaps that should have been one of my resolutions this year.....charge and collect rent from son.

too late to add on a resolution?

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