Monday, 23 February 2015

pay to watch the Ocsars?

I love watching the Oscars on TV

In Singapore we used to get it on our free to air channels but the last few years the Ocsars were shown on one of the Cable channels.  First it was on the Star network on a channel everyone subscribed to, then it was on the Star (now Fox) movie channel.  It frustrated me that I couldnt watch the Ocsars so last year I subscribed to the Fox movies pack just to watch the Oscars.

This year they bloody changed it again.  I know they sell the rights to different channels, and I know its not the cable operators (in Singapore) fault, who gets the rights.  I am pissed that our free to air channels (which is  paid for by our very rich government) dont bother to get the rights to air something like this.

Its on HBO this year and I am not going to subscribe to HBO just to watch the Oscars like I did last year.  I will just wait for the news and E online to update us and then find out who won what.
Even  though HBO does have some good shows on ( not the movies) like Game of Thrones, I wont subscribe to it as in Singapore the censorship is quite brutal and you lose half the plot as they wont show nudity, sex and gay themes on TV.

So I sit in the office, typing out my annoyance and have E online in the background on my laptop, waiting to see who will win. Just to feed my voyeuristic habit  in a celebrity obsessed culture.

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