Thursday, 13 November 2014

public displays of affection

Living in a crowded city and travelling the trains cheek to jowl with your fellow commuter makes for interesting journeys.

Each morning I squeeze into a train bursting it seams with human traffic and try to ignore the loving couple pressed up close to me.

Its like having a front row seat at a porn movie, fascinating yet squirmy.

I can understand that its lust in its infancy ( and no not all the PDA's I see are teenagers going at it) but I do not need to be up close and right next to their faces when they kiss.

having his hand brush against me then have it cup his girlfriend/wife or partner's bottom was very distracting, to say the least.  I have nothing against two people in love/lust touching each other in public, but I do abhor the displays when they are in my personal space.

Why do they do it though?  Do they really have to keep touching each other in full view of the public, or in this case pressed up against a few of us who knew exactly what his hands were doing?

and to make matters worse they seem to have this smug look on their faces as if to say " hey look I am getting some"  it annoys me.

So next time you are on the train and have this immense desire to grab your girlfriends bottom when you are pressed close to other commuters.....stop and think about how it would make others feel.......
A big ask I know.....but one can hope that people would actually realise that it does make the majority of us  uncomfortable to be right next to a touchy feely couple....

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