Thursday, 20 November 2014

some people dont like me....

Most of us have the need to be liked, appreciated and respected.
I am no different.

I realised that some people didn't like me in the office pretty quickly.
My job requires me to be strict and instill discipline in the office and the managing of suppliers and purchase orders for events.
It is not easy trying to get adults to see that the office is not where you can mess things up, leave coffee cups all over the place, use meeting rooms like it was a lunch room and generally act like spoilt brats thinking that the office cleaner was there to pick up after them
(I blame the Singaporean culture of depending on maids to pick up after them at home)

I also had to set rules and create processes on getting purchase orders to suppliers before the events happened and take a look at the teams cost estimates before they sent them out to the clients.  Change and new rules have always ruffled feathers and I tried to ease them into it.  It has been 8 months with these new rules and people are still ignoring the process.  So I have to enforce the rules,  which makes me the really bad guy that everyone loves to hate.

I want to be liked, but not at the expense of losing who I am.  So its OK that I don't get the little goodies they give out to those that are in the "liked" group,  in appreciation of their work, its OK that I don't get invited to some of their parties.....
The people that matter like me, and that is good enough for me.  The rest haven't bothered to get to know who I really am and why should they,  its just work........

I have to remember that the next time I am not given the tasty little goodies.......


  1. We call it the purple circle, it's a pity they don't understand the goal, why it's there and the benefits they will receive from achievement. Hold your head high xxx