Sunday, 20 July 2014

what happened in London

So I am back from London after a two week "holiday" My sister had surgery to reconstruct her right foot and I volunteered to spend a couple of weeks with her, post op.
sis napping at home with her kitten

after the op 
She spent a couple of nights in hospital,  with me and her partner taking turns to be by her bedside.  I must say there is a dire shortage of nurses in London, the orthopaedic ward at Guys Hospital had brilliant nurses but they were run off their feet looking after all the people on the ward.  Anyway....
While she recovered in bed, I actually had a very relaxing time being her cook/carer/gossip buddy and occasional housekeeper.

view at 9pm
Helsinki Airport 10pm
Its been awhile since I spent a summer in  London and I seemed to have forgotten that summer in London doesn't necessarily mean warm temperatures. There were days when the mercury hit 27C  but mostly it hovered around the 18 - 22C mark, which definitely was not shorts and tank top attire for a warm blooded Singaporean.  After I left they had the hottest day of 32 C....

The other thing that fascinated me was the long days, it would be bright as day at 9pm at night which was a little confusing.....

new cast 
2 weeks post op check up...
she has an arch!
I do wish I had had more time in London to be with my sister while she recovered as she is not supposed to put any weight on her foot for 6 weeks.  For someone like her to sit still in bed and do nothing, its going to be tough...but she will have a new foot,  and walking and standing wont hurt any more.

All in it was quite a good break for me, away from the corporate bullshit and office politics and just being "mother" and looking after the people I love.


  1. Your poor sister, I have two friends at the moment who have had operations, one for a broken ankle the other a knee reconstruction. House bound for weeks and weeks. Glad it's not me xxx

    1. It's tough.....I really feel bad that I couldn't spend more time as I know she's not coping well with being housebound and in bed.