Thursday, 3 July 2014

The end of the newspapers?

I have had my papers delivered to me for some time now and I enjoyed the fact that each morning I had the daily news waiting for me when I opened my front door at 6am.

I loved the feel of reading and flipping pages and holding that paper in my hands while I have my coffee and breakfast.
As I recycle old papers, and had the recycling people come to my door previously I could put my old papers out and have them pick up all my paper.  That ended recently and I was stuck with so much paper and no where to recycle it ( the bins they put down at the bottom of my block of flats were inadequate)  so I decided to change my subscription  to just an online subscription..........  easy..... well not quite.

standard response 
As I work during office hours (duh!!) I didnt have the time to sit around calling the customer service of the papers to change my subscription,  so I sent an email. ....  and I get the standard response ........
after tooing and froing on emails for a couple of weeks I called them to clarify everything and told them what I wanted which was a subscription for my Ipad.    So the delivery of the physical paper stopped on the 26th of June and I was supposed to get an email giving me details for my online Ipad subscription activation.......... I am still waiting.

So I sent them a polite email asking when I would get my subscription activation details.....
I got this response (after the standard response of course, and why do they assume everyone is a Sir??)  that they have assisted me in activating my account and can I try again...... really?  how did they do that and how do I try again when they never fucking sent me anything to activate any fucking account!!  So I sent them another email asking them that very question (politely without the f words of course) and of course I get the standard response again......

So for people publishing papers which communicate to people all the news of the world, they dont seem to be very capable of communicating with their subscribers.....
Will I cancel my subscription I wonder or wait this one out.

I received a reply informing me that I had to download an app then only could I log on......question is why the fuck didnt they tell me that from the beginning!!  so I cancelled my subscription.  cutting my nose off to spite my face i guess.....

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  1. Very very frustrating, I am currently trying to find where my super I s not having much luck their either x