Saturday, 26 July 2014

my friends are all under 40 something

I kind of did things the other way around

My youth was spent with my babies and husband and only in my mid 30's did I start working on the corporate goddess in me.  Most people my age were already firmly entrenched in their careers, they had a vision while I had stumbled along and clung to whichever job that would pay me enough to feed and raise and my family.

young friends...horsing around
old enough to drink, young enough to enjoy it

Which is why my colleagues were at least 10 years younger wherever I
went, then they got younger and younger..... and some of them became really good friends.  Colleagues and ex colleagues who are my good friends who I know I can trust and should I need a helping hand, I know they will be there.  They give me advice and I do give some I am supposed to be older and wiser... supposed to be..
 I never really got on with my school friends, except for a very small handful of them and they all went off and had careers and husbands and kids and we drifted apart and they are very different to who I have become. I may be 51 but the mind hasn't quite caught up yet.....

So I hang out (when I do go out) with this younger bunch of girls who keep me sane, keep me insane and young at heart.