Friday, 29 July 2011

single or attached

Where does one go to find single men in Singapore.  Are there any decent single men left to find?  Do I really want a Boyfriend?  so many questions!! What is a woman to do .....
On one hand I love my independence and being alone, on the other hand I want to connect with that special someone and be special to someone.  I wish I could make up my mind!!
A few years ago I decided that I was ready to head back into the murky depths  of dating.  I tried it the "new" way, I went online!
For me it was a whole new ballgame, dating that is, not just online dating.  I got  married at a very young age and I didnt have many boyfriends before I took the plunge.  ok ok i married the first man i met really!  anyway, after the extremely messy divorce it took me a while before I was ready to put myself out there again.
The men were interesting,  they were strange, they were fun, I was taken advantage of, I was made a fool of and I realised that I was extremely naive.  I do have a decent amount of common sense so at least I didnt get physically threatened.  My ego took a bashing occasionally, but that was all. I met some good men and I am still friends with them now.  I also found someone I really really liked, alas he wasnt ready for a relationship.  So now its back to the drawing board.  Do I go back online, and go through that whole rigmarole of posting a profile, going out on a dozen one date wonders before I actually meet one decent man?  Maybe then I can blog all about the pitfalls of dating .......

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