Thursday, 7 July 2011

Musings of a domestic goddess wannabe

Feminists around the world will cringe when they read this but I really love cooking and looking after the men in my life.  Don’t get me wrong, I love working too, its like theres this split personality inside me, one that would give up working and just stay at home and cook & clean and achieve Domestic goddess status, and the other part where the buzz of the corporate world pushes me to climb the proverbial ladder.  Right now domestic goddess is winning and corporate goddess is slacking ever so slightly.

Is there a balance?  Has any woman actually achieved it really without some compromise somewhere?   

A kitchen filled with tantalising aromas, the smell of freshly laundered sheets and towels , the squeaky clean floors and bathrooms, they all add up to give me this sense of accomplishment !  watching the son wolf down those fluffy muffins or the aromatic curry, makes me tingle with motherly pride and instinct!

Two weeks later, I can actually detest the smell of detergent or laundry and wish I had hired that woman to come clean the damn flat for me!  And if I cooked another meal I would probably throw it at that ungrateful slob called the son!   

Ah well, that’s life!

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