Sunday, 18 September 2016

the night race

So I love motorsports, the F1 and the Motogp, but its been awhile since I actually watched an F1 race, simply because I tend to concentrate on the bikes and dont want to end up spending every weekend glued to the television watching sports.  I figured I should pick one as there were so many
part of the track all lit up
other things I needed to get done.
area near the stage, our Padang in front of the old supreme courts

Singapore hosts the F1 in September, and its a night race, the whole Marina area of the city is lit up and looks spectacular, and there are also 3 days of concerts in the F1 arena.  This year Queen were here... yes without Freddie and John Deacon but then I figured when will I ever get to see Brian May and Roger Taylor live... so thanks to P ( yes am hanging out with P again) I attended the Saturday night concert and qualifying for the F1.

Brian May

Roger Taylor
What a night!  What a fabulous night.  Adam
Lambert, the flamboyant runner up of American Idol (cant remember which year) sang Freddie's songs and he was brilliant.  Nothing compares to Freddie's voice and no one is trying to I am sure, to replace Freddie Mercury, but Adam was excellent.

Brian again

One thing though, if our country wants to be the forward thinker in Asia, maybe we should leave our trains running a little later on F1 nights.  The organisers and the government encourages everyone to take public transport to the venue, but they seem to forget about the end of the night.... The concert ended at 12.20am, we walked to the stations but had to make a detour as they had closed alot of the entrances to the stations and by the time we finally made it to the platforms we had to run as we were told it was the last train.
penned in like cattle
Oh and since I am complaining.... the crowd control needs some more planning, to leave the penned up area of the open air concert, organisers opened up 2 gates where only 2 people could exit at one time... I am curious to know how many of us had to squeeze through those opening, inching slowly forward in a mass of sweaty bodies.  always the one to think of what if situations, i dread to think what would have happened if someone pushed, fell or was being an asshole..

All in a great night though.  Thank you again P for the ticket!

More pics on flicker of the skyline of Singapore at night

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