Monday, 8 June 2015

challenging indeed...

Challenging......he said our next walk would be challenging....

We did 12 kms off road, and some on road but mostly sandy rocky paths and oh MY GOD there were slopes and stairs to climb. it certainly pushed me to my limits.

Map of MacRitchie
We met at 7.30am at MacRitchie Reservoir Park for our walk around the reservoir.   Its a beautiful water catchment area, a little bit of a green lung in the middle of our built up skyscraper of a city.  There are monkeys, monitor lizards, snakes (I didn't stumble over any, thank god..) and a variety of birds....but I saw none of that as I was concentrating on my footing on the rocky paths, and trying to avoid all the traffic...
traffic ?? you say....yes traffic.
There were so may runners on the narrow paths that  avoiding them took full concentration.

We even managed to get to the tree top walk by 9am, I did not however take advantage of the view....something about being scared of heights that kept me from looking out to enjoy the wonder of being up there with the tree tops.

It was extremely humid and hot and both of us were exhausted by the time we reached the cafe for a much needed round of nourishment.

no I didnt take this pic...too scared to let go of the sides
It is a magnificent walk to do.  Even with the annoying number of fit people that you have to avoid on the trails, it was a beautiful way to start the weekend.

I didnt get to do a walk this weekend  past and P is going away soon which will leave me to get on with my own planning and training...

lets see how that goes!

In case you want to see some pictures I took on another occasion I was at the Reservoir - see my flickr account


  1. What a great effort, I only walk of flat paths, coward I know x

    1. I am with u....rather walk on flat surface but I do need some training if I want to try the Tuscany walks.