Tuesday, 16 June 2015

another twist in the tuscany tale

So I may not be able to do Tuscany this year after all

Last year,  my sister who lives in London, had an operation to reconstruct her right foot, and once she had healed fully, she was supposed to do her left foot.  Its been a year and she is going to see her surgeon tomorrow to find out if she will have the operation this year in October or November, or to wait a bit more till next year.

My sister has her partner to help her but this is round the clock care and she needs someone to cook and serve her meals, help her with everything, throughout the whole day.  I helped her last year for 2 weeks ( which wasnt enough) and I promised her I would go help her again when she did the left foot.

As I dont have enough leave to have a holiday and to play mum and nurse to my sister, I will have to wait and see what the surgeon says before I make any holiday plans.

kind of sweet really, no not her operation, but the fact that the decision has been sort of made for me.....

till tomorrow then.....


  1. True, sometime I hate making decisions, procrastinator that I am. I hope your sister fares well. It will be nice for you to spend time with her to x

    1. Thanks Rae, it's a long road for her, foot reconstruction is painful and lots of time in bed.