Monday, 18 May 2015

Menopause mayhem

So the usual supplements I take to lessen the mayhem that comes with menopause, were no longer available from my suppliers
The manufacturers changed the contents of the supplements and left out a few key herbs that helped with mood swings, depression and hot sweats.....

So for the last few weeks I have been on a roller coaster ride with mood swings and tears.
And unfortunately it's been while I have been at work.
My twin in Perth told me off, "stop being so negative and try no to let your emotions get the better of u at work."

It's been tough.  I was left without one member of our small admin team and I assumed I was supposed to take over everything....I take on too much as it is and I started feeling fatalistic and took on the persona of the usual victim who's mantra is always"why me".....
I have been trying to let some positive shine through but the easy option of wrapping up myself in a cocoon of woe was too easy.

So I ordered some new supplements (they don't come till the end of the month) and am trying to maintain a clean eating regime which does help a bit...
Will I be able to focus and be positive at work?   I don't know,  but I am going to try and snap out of the misery and woe and see how I can turn this into a good thing...

Until the new supplements arrive and while I am still struggling with being overwhelmed at work, I shall lay blame for the mayhem at the feet of that old devil..menopause.

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