Thursday, 9 April 2015

on a very strict diet.....well maybe not that strict but strict enough

Singapore is a food lovers delight and as Asians we love having hot meals for lunch as well as dinner. So the food courts are filled with places that sell hot steaming bowls of noodles, rice with hot aromatic dishes and food that covers all Asian ethnic cravings...
So lunch became a gorge fest, with me eating everything I imagined...even forgetting that I should be eating gluten free.

So I put on a few extra kilos and the clothes didn't quite fit anymore.  Always a call to action I say, when the clothes don't fit.
I found a food delivery service that actually delivered healthy options, including Gluten free, to the office.
my daily lunch
I signed up for it and so far have had 3 meals and will continue this for the month of April.
I also have been limiting carbs and eating healthy for dinner at home ( no more crisps and chocolates) and even if its been less than a week of eating healthy, I am feeling better and the clothes aren't so tight.

The problem (there always is a problem) is how long can I sustain eating these delivered meals as it tastes quite bland and for the last 3 meals I have had grilled peppers....I hate peppers. I have however paid for a months worth of meals so I would have to suck it up and just eat it and perhaps bring in some flavour from home like my homemade Sambal ( its like a chili jam)  and left over veg.

My aim is to lose at least 4 kilos and then maintain that weight.  Treats will have to be limited as I put it all back on very easily....I blame menopause and age and not the fact that we just really should be exercising more and eating less and having smaller portions.

When will I learn, probably never,  but I will keep trying to eat smaller portions of healthier food as I really do not look or feel good when fat!

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