Monday, 6 April 2015


What is molest.  The dictionary defines it as

1.  To bother, interfere with or annoy
2.  To make indecent sexual advances to
3.  To assault sexually

Molesting someone doesn't sound as bad as sexually assaulting someone.  The word somehow denotes that molest is less serious than a sexual assault.
It isn't.
Molest is usually a person trying to touch you on certain body parts that no one else should touch except for your partner/lover/spouse.

Its a common phenomenon in crowded cities and Singapore has seen a rise in cases.  It is usually men molesting women.  And yes I do know some women make it up or are mistaken that molest has taken place....but how do we know?

A few weeks ago I was on my way home through a very crowded tunnel of the underground train station. This particular station is a disaster waiting to happen as there are no separate areas for the coming and going of people who are rushing to different platforms to catch their trains.
A tall heavy set man took the opportunity to walk straight into me and his arm went straight into my chest  It was not an accident. This man had a lot of space to avoid me but he deliberately walked into me and pushed his arm into my chest and dragged it across my left boob..  There was nothing accidental about that.

It happened in the blink of an eye, and he was gone within seconds, swallowed up into the crowd and while I did yell after him, I couldn't see where he had gone.
Should I have reported it?  What would I have said?
I couldn't remember what he looked like except that he was a fat smelly Chinese Man.
I couldn't remember what he wore except that it was a dark brown tshirt.

So I just made my way home.....but men take the opportunity in crowded areas to get away with touching women.  Because they can......

I still take the train to that station to get home but I dread walking through that tunnel to my connecting train in case it happens again. While  Singapore is relatively safe, I have never taken it for granted, but I got complacent and I thought that my age would have been a deterrent to any molester.

A used to ask me why I didnt travel alone or just go out and wander around on my own.....this is the reason.  I have been molested before, my boobs seem to bring out the worst in men. Men seem to think they can just reach out and grab.

Always be on your guard ladies...... men will take any opportunity anywhere anytime....

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