Thursday, 18 September 2014

why cant we have sanitisers in all public toilets?

One of the biggest pet peeves  I have is the state of the public toilets/mall toilets in Singapore, and this isn't my first post about it either......

Women wont sit down on the seat but they hover over it and splash pee all over the toilet seat and the floor, as sitting on the toilet seat will give you a million diseases.

But does it? I consulted the sage of all sages ( Google) and read here what the WebMD said about what you can catch in a public restroom ( although why they call it rest rooms I dont know, one hardly rests in there)

yes I took a picture of the sanitiser at IKEA
I was at IKEA on Saturday and had to use the toilet and when I went into a cubicle,  I got a little cheap thrill....they had seat sanitisers in each cubicle!
They have them at the airport and at my favourite bar so why cant they have them in every single public toilet/mall toilet in the country.

We would of course,  have to have a public campaign teaching everyone how to use the sanitisers on the toilet seats.  To educate women so that they can finally put bottom on seat and pee comfortably.

One can dream about having piss free toilet seats and less puddles on the floor......


  1. I agree the toilet sanitation over your way is horrid, China was even worse. It's just what we are used to. I didn't know you had an IKEA, ��

    1. We have 2 very large IKEA stores fav place!