Sunday, 28 September 2014


view from restaurant in Ubud
I like Bali, I think its a peaceful sleepy little island that one can go to for relaxation and to unwind........well that was what it was like a few years ago.  I hardly took advantage of the close proximity  to visit often.  I was there in 2009 for a friends wedding and again,  last weekend.

There didn't seem so many people about in 2009 but last weekend it felt  almost claustrophobic.  The main tourist area of Kuta was crawling with tourists and the once quiet area of Seminyak was now bulging at the seams with  new restaurants and hotels on every corner.

rent the land?

After the bombings, people stayed away from Bali and it affected everyone's livelihood . Things started to get better and now Bali has become one of the "must do" destinations.  The place for everyone to come  looking for their eat pray love moment.
I know that with the tourists flocking back into Bali and all the new hotels opening up, it is good for the Balinese economy.

good quality plumbing........St Regis Bali
But I hate it....I hate that Bali is getting busier and crowded and full of people looking for cheap drinks and cheap thrills.                            I probably  sound like a broken record,  lamenting the loss of innocence and hoping that progress would slow down.

I guess if I had pots of money I would buy my own island and build a fabulous villa with good quality plumbing and nothing else on the island.

But that of course is just a the rest of the world I have to jostle and fight my way to work each day and when on holiday we cram every bit of free time with forced relaxation on tranquil island havens that are fast disappearing.
Chasing the sunrise on whatever island retreat we go to, and posting it on facebook, instagram, or twitter or what ever social media that is the current hype.
I sound bitter....and I think I probably am.  tired of the rat race and hamster existence....
Oh for a a simple life......................

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