Saturday, 30 August 2014

me me me me me me....and me..and only me... well mostly

I took Friday off and had my me day.

It started off pretty much like any other day, getting up bright and early, but this time I was waiting for the contractor to come around to give me a quote for painting my flat.  I could do it myself, but that would mean me taking leave ( or unpaid leave) and getting totally exhausted painting no...I am getting in a contractor to do it.  I also need to upgrade my bathrooms a bit, so some money will be spent there sprucing up the old bathrooms..

spot the bee....
By mid morning, after checking the weather, I was ready to head out to spend my day wandering around taking pictures.  I got some really good shots and I totally bombed at some of the close up ones, I should have checked my pictures after taking them but I was so excited at getting the close ups of the grasshopper
bird in a tree

that I just forgot to check my shots....unfortunately the grasshopper ones were so overexposed that my limited knowledge couldn't save them.  I got close enough to a monitor lizard but again those shots were not good enough....too blurry....I was a little afraid too so camera must have shook every time it moved!
I did however get nice flower shots and bees and butterflies..... really

enjoyed chasing the butterflies......

I don't want to crowd this post with pictures but if you do want to check out my pictures, go to my flicker page - and you would be able to see the bees and butterflies I was chasing at MacRitchie Reservoir  -


  1. I hope your paint quote was reasonable. I think it's a good idea to hire someone as it's a big job and you'll only injure yourself. I know I do every time I paint. x

    1. Havent got my quote yet, but ballpark is reasonable... Yes I do too, usually hurt my back or somehow bump my head somewhere..