Monday, 11 July 2016

battle with the bulge revisited

So the sons wedding is in about 4 weeks

I bought a dress some time back with the smug confidence that I will be slim and trim for the wedding.  The dress fits but it fits a little bit too snugly and I was sure I could lose 3 kilos, no problem.

Yeah right

I have put weight back on, as usual, the yoyo pendulum has swung in the opposite direction.
So I have to put myself on a diet and exercise plan....
Motivation is zero right now, even the fear of looking fat in the dress hasnt pushed me to get off my ever increasing butt and actually do some walking to get that butt to stop jiggling.
Spanx you say... no thanks i say.  I am one of those people who will not suffer for fashion, I'd rather go get a new (loose) dress than wear spanx.

I set the alarm every night earlier than usual so that I can get out of bed and go for a brisk morning walk...but then at 4 in the morning, I adjust the alarm and dont bother with the walk.

fingers crossed that I actually roll out of bed tomorrow, eager to get into shape and actually get some exercise done.....

I always was an optimist...


  1. I'm hearing you. It's bloody cold here at the moment an easy excuse then to miss that walk x

    1. I have no excuse.. Keep wishing it would rain in the morning...