Thursday, 2 June 2016

jet lag and excitement?

So it seems I am off to Mexico tomorrow.

Its been really busy in the office, I took over the office manager position as well as being the 'bitch' in the project management department, and there is lots to do.
To add to my work ( somehow bosses just love doing that right..) I was asked if I could accompany the head of the creative dept to Los Cabos for a site inspection.  We are short handed right now and the person in charge of this project cant make it, so they asked if I would help out

Who in their right mind would say no... Even if it means extra work, being stressed out and I know I will end up being behind on all of my own work.

I have a good assistant now, so maybe it wont be so bad when I get back to the office in 9 days..
Its a long flight, Jet lag, running around in Los Cabos, then another long flight back and jet lag..... I am no spring chicken......

God help me, I am an idiot to do this Mexico trip...but I felt the old adrenalin rush and the excitement of old and ....... its Los Cabos!

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