Tuesday, 17 November 2015

medical insurance the singapore way

The powers that be recently launched a medical insurance scheme for all Singaporeans.  they deliberated this for a few years and finally came up with a plan which would benefit every Singaporean.....

My older son lives in Canada now and while he has Permanent Residence status in Canada, he is still a citizen in Singapore and he too will have to contribute to this Medishield Life scheme.
I open all his official mail that comes to the flat as these things have to dealt with, so  his letter from Medishield Life says he doesnt' have enough money in his Medisave account (Medisave is our compulsory savings for medical emergencies, a portion of our salary is taken away to be put into our central provident fund and it gets split into the medisave, ordinary and  special accounts, our government really looks after us)

anyway..... as the son doesn't have enough money in his Medisave account, a family member can top up the account and he will be able to pay the premiums.... what if he doesn't want this as he is paying medical insurance in Canada as well.... well its compulsory, its a benefit for all Singaporeans, but what happens if he doesn't pay.  see the screen shot from the websites.......

One question on the FAQ's page was " will I be arrested if I am unable to pay my premiums -
the answer......

  • You will not be arrested if you are unable to pay for your MediShield Life premiums. Various forms of support are available to help with the payment of your MediShield Life premiums.
    However if an insured person is informed that he is restricted from leaving the country until his MediShield Life premiums are paid, but still tries to leave the country, he will be arrested

  • so actually you will be arrested if you don't pay.....

    Another wonderful day in the life of living in Singapore.....


    1. That's too funny, I live such a sheltered life. Hope he's not arrested x

    2. Damn the man! Save the empire!