Friday, 17 July 2015

Adventures of living with my adult son

I am not a girly girl, I am a sensible straight up woman who sometimes does have visions (nightmares) of pink and lace bedrooms and pretty things......then I wake up and sigh with relief.

I still have an adult son living with me, it's Asia, kids stay with parents till parents kick them out, which rarely happens....or till they find a spouse that won't tolerate living with the in laws.
I have no such woman will want to marry that dolt still living with me, and my hints of him moving out fall on deaf ears.

So being a sensible woman I am not fazed by a tall hairy man wandering around in his underwear all around the flat, we even have conversations in the kitchen, with him in his skivvies, he is after all my little baby.  Big hairy baby now.
He doesn't pick up after him self, he leaves his folded laundry on the coffee table, just where I left it a week ago. Yes, I still do his laundry.... And I can go on about him....

He works almost 7 days a week at times,  for the sports council here, and this week is no different, yet he will still go out drinking with his friends who work the usual 5 day week, and on days like today (a public holiday) while everyone can sleep in after partying hard the night before, this little shit of mine has to work. As he is shitfaced, he usually is late.....
It's slightly different today though.

He stumbles out of his room at 9am, I watch him head to my room,

Me: oi! Where u going?
Him: hmmrmmmphmmm

Is he going to use my bathroom? What's wrong with his?
20 mins later I thought I'd better check if he had fallen asleep in my toilet.....and I found this, the idiot asleep in my bed!  Worse part he drools .......will have to wash my sheets now.....

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