Tuesday, 8 April 2014

chocolate mischief continues

It was son no 2's birthday on Saturday.

As a family (me and the babies) we never got into the gift giving or making a very big deal about celebrating anything, post divorce.  I would bake a cake, their favourite chocolate cake and I would cook them their favourite meal or we went out.  I did try to organise something for Saturday but Big Sis was working, so that cut the numbers for a dinner and son wasnt that keen either.  Son was working in the afternoon anyway.

I still had a couple more of those lovely cooking chocolate bars so after running around on my usual Saturday errands and battle with the supermarket hordes, I made chocolate brownies.

David Lebovitz is an amazing man, I love his blog and his recipes and one Gluten free blog (the gluten free girl and the chef) has said that converting David's recipes to gluten free usually give good results.  This time however, the brownies were already gluten free and decadent and orgasmic......

The Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies have just been voted as THE birthday baked treat I have to make for every birthday.

I didnt take any pictures, we dived into the baked goodies immediately so here is a picture off David's website.
Yummy.......if only mine looked as good


  1. yum love a good brownie, my daughters partner is a huge fan so I will pass this one on, Happy Birthday no.2 son and congratulations mum xxx